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Product Introduction

This fractional glass distillation unit is designed by J.H. Equipment. It consists of main spherical glass reactor, electric heater, distillation column, reflux divider, vertical glass coil condenser, spherical glass receivers as well as horizontal glass coil condenser for final product collection. This system can be unit for concentration of nitric acid and other heat sensitive mediums.

【Production Capacity】: Volume of main reactor max.200L
【Application Industries】: Scale up and production of pharmaceuticals, intermediates, fine chemicals, dyes, paints, varnishes and many other substance in pilot plant and kilolab
【Application Mediums】: Heat sensitive mediums

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Product Advantages

*Tailor Made, Meet your Specific Requirement
Each part of the system can be changed flexibly in case you have special request. Even the main reactor can be changed to other materials if necessary.

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Working Principle

The main reactor is placed in electrical heater. After feeding mediums into main reactor, the vapors will go through glass distillation column and condensing system for condensation, final product will be collected by receivers.

Technical Parameter

Reactor Volume (L) Distillation Size (DN) Condensing Area (m2) Column Length (mm) Receiver Volume (L)
20 80 0.4 1000 10/5
50 100 0.6 1000 20/10
100 150 1.5 1000 30/20
200 200 2 1000 50/30


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