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Product Introduction

Multi-functional Extractor is widely used for extracting effective constituent  from roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of plants, or brains, bones and organs of animals , or  natural minerals by liquid solvents, such as water, alcohol, acetone and so on. 
It has CIP clean ball, unit temperature guage, explosion-proof sight glass and lamp, manhole and pneumatic discharge gate and the design is according to GMP.

【Production Capacity】: 500-8,000L
【Application Industries】: Herb, food and chemistry etc Such as normal pressure,low ressure, water decocting, immersion,thermal circumfluence, compelled  recycle and lixiviation, extraction of aroma oil etc.  

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Product Advantages

* High efficiency and convenient operation,  CIP cleaning system Matched with GMP
The latest residue outlet with high security,it open with pneumatic cylinder and lock with dual-gas cylinder accompanied with a secure lock cylinder. The complete device  is easy to open and operate, and it has a reliable self-lock  performance. 
This control eliminates the leakage or detachment caused from  the unstable gas pressure different with the others. 

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Working Principle

The appearance is small at the top and big at the bottom, with the sape of upside-down taper(inverted cone). The most prominent feature is convenient residue discharging and lower construction space.

Technical Parameter

Model TQ-0.5 TQ-1.0 TQ-2.0 TQ-3.0 TQ-6.0 TQ-8.0
Full Capacity (L) 650 1200 2500 3500 6500 8900
Extractor Design Pressure (MPa) 0.09
Jacket Design Pressure (MPa) 0.3
Inlet Dia. (mm) 300 300 400 400 450 500
Heating Area (m2) 2.4 3.1 4.2 5.5 7.1 9.5
Condensing Area (m2) 3 5 5 8 10 12
Cooling Area (m2) 1 1 1 1 1.5 1.5
Filtering Area (m2) 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.5 0.6
Discharging Dia. (mm) 800 800 800 800 1000 1200
Consumption (kg/h) 245 325 345 645 720 850


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