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Product Introduction

The ribbon mixer is widely applied for the mixing of viscous or adhesive powder materials, or the mixing of powder which needs to add liquid, and paste material. Meanwhile, because it is difficult to clean viscous material, the machine is suitable for the mixing case, where the output is large and there is no need of displacing material variety frequently.

【Production Capacity】: 20~18000L
【Application Industries】: Applicable for chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticides, biologoy industries etc.
【Application Mediums】: Liquid with Suspended Solids, Powder, Viscous Fluid, Liquid, Granules

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Product Advantages

* Wide application
 It is available for mixture of solid-solid (powder- powder),solid-liquid (powder-liquid) and liquid-liquid.
* High mixing uniformity
 It can mix 1:10000 times materials uniformly, especially for a larger proportion of the material.
* High mixing speed and high efficiency
 Its Efficiency is 6-10 times or more than any other mixer.
* Fast discharging and convenience
It usually takes 2 to 5 minutes to discharge a batch of material.
* Gentle mixing process
 It doesn't damage the raw material's state basicly.
* No pollution
As an intergral device of the mixer, it is safe and reliable. All of the edges weld are smooth, so easy to be cleaned; lubricating parts of the mixer are out of the barrel body, so the drop of oil or debris won't seep into the material. The mixer can operate in sealed environment, make the material isolated from air.
*Low energy consumption and high loading coefficient.

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Working Pinciple

Horizontal double ribbon mixer consist of horizontal U-shaped tank, top cover with (or without) openings, single shaft equipped with double layers ribbon mixing agitator, transmission unit, support frame, sealing element, discharge structure and so on. Ribbon blades are always two layers.

Outer layer ribbon make materials get together from two ends to center and inner layer ribbon make materials spread from center to two ends. Materials forms vortex during repeatedly movement and homogeneous mixing are achieved.

Technical Parameter

Model  Full Capacity (m3) Loading Coefficient Power (kw) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
WLDH-0.1 0.1 0.4~0.6 3 1190×740×770 330
WLDH-0.3 0.3 0.4~0.6 4 2030×630×980 720
WLDH-0.5 0.5 0.4~0.6 7.5 2320×730×1130 980
WLDH-1 1 0.4~0.6 11 2800×920×1320 1700
WLDH-1.5 1.5 0.4~0.6 11 3180×1020×1550 1800
WLDH-2 2 0.4~0.6 15 3310×1120×1640 2100
WLDH-3 3 0.4~0.6 18.5 3750×1290×1820 3000
WLDH-4 4 0.4~0.6 22 4220×1400×1990 3980
WLDH-5 5 0.4~0.6 22 4220×1500×2100 4620
WLDH-6 6 0.4~0.6 30 4700×1610×2260 6180
WLDH-8 8 0.4~0.6 37 4420×2150×2470 8200
WLDH-10 10 0.4~0.6 45 5520×2960×2720 8920
WLDH-12 12 0.4~0.6 45 5720×3010×2840 9520
WLDH-15 15 0.4~0.6 55 5840×3540×2940 9950


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