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Product Introduction

J.H.Equipment have capability to design and recommend you the optimum mixing system for glass lined reactors, which can help you reducer processing time and cost.
The glass lined agitators are fabricated with highest workmanship and quality standard. A dozen of different models are available with specific mixing functions for various applications.  

Anchor(gate) Type: Radial flow, high viscosity, low liquid level operation
Paddle Type: Combined flow for narrow vessels
Impeller Type: 3 blades, high radial flow, versatile and wider baffling required
Combined Type: 2 or 3 levels, with impeller blades at bottom and top paddles 
Propellor Type: High axial flow, low viscosity, relatively high speed
Disc Turbine Type: Radial flow, high shear, gas dispersion
Axial-flow Type: High shear, air absorbing process

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Product Advantages

* Precise fabrication 
All J.H. agitators are made by one piece shaft on digital controlled lathe, which can guarantee the precise fabrication and workmanship.

* Tailor made
We have standard models in big stock and tailor made ones can be provided based on drawing. 

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Working Principle

Sizes availabe for reactors from 5 liters to 50,000 liters.

Technical Parameter

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