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Product Introduction

Reactor is a kind of atmospheric pressure or pressure vessel that is applied to chemical, petroleum, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine, food and other industries. Its used to complete the process of vulcanization, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation etc.
The J.H. PTFE lined Reactors are made from material that is of construction that combines the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of teflon-PTFE.
【Production Capacity】: 5-60,000L
【Optional Structures】: Open type, close type
【Agitator Types】: Anchor, Paddle, 3-Blades Impeller, Combined
【Application Industries】: Applicable for most acidic corrosive environment that existed in chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, pesticide, dyestuff industries etc.
【Application Mediums】: Various organic and inorganic acids and caustic soda. 

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Product Advantages

* Wide Application and Various Models
Can be used in most corrosive circumstances where acidic or caustic materials are existed singlely or together. 
The maximum diameter can reach 6000mm, and the maximum height of each tube can reach 5000mm (vertical type or horizontal type). 

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Working Principle

A layer of teflon is lined on interior surface of the carbon steel vessel.  Then PTFE covered agitator rotates towards a fixed direction driven by the power unit. During the rotation, it drives materials to rotate radially or axially.

Materials inside the reactor are in both axial and circular motion, generating several forms of mixing such as shearing, mixing and diffusion stirring. Thus the materials can be effectively rapidly stirred and mixed.

Technical Parameter

We make PTFE lined reactors/vessels according to specific requirement of the end-users. Please contact us and our design department will work out the drawings for you.


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