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Product Introduction

Different from PTFE lined vessels, this PTFE coated vessel is made by spraying a layer of PTFE on to the steel surface and make them combined together. The J.H. PTFE coated vessels and spare parts has good corrosion resistance, non-adhesive, mositure free property.

【Application Industries】: Applicable for most acidic corrosive environment that existed in chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, pesticide, dyestuff industries etc.
【Application Mediums】: Various organic and inorganic acids and caustic soda. 

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Product Advantages

Property of non-adhesive.
Nearly all mediums are not adhesive to PTFE layer.
Capability to work under high and low temperature.
It can work in a short time at  max.300 degree C. and will not disolve.
Perfect anti-corrosion property.

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Working Pinciple

A layer of PTFE is sprayed on to the interior surface of steel vessel and later is dryed and heated so that this layer can combine with the steel plate tightly and not separate.

Technical Parameter

J.H. EQUIPMENT make various PTFE coated vessels and spare parts as per specific requirement of the clients. Please contact us for more information and solution.


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