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Product Introduction

Because of its excellent thermal stability, high chemical resistance and electrical conductivity, graphite is an ideal process equipment materail with outstanding corrosion resistance and heat transfer properties.

The J.H. graphite heat exchangers are specially suitable for process where corrosion resistance, high pressure and temeprature are major factors. There are two main models, one is called block type,the other is tubular type. 

【Production Capacity】: 1~200m2
【Optional Structures】: block type, tubular type
【Application Industries】: Applicable for most acidic corrosive environment that existed in chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, pesticide, dyestuff industries etc.
【Application Mediums】: Various organic and inorganic acids and caustic soda. 


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Product Advantages

* Good anti-corrosion property
* Designed on basis of unit graphite block, easy for replacement and maintenance.
* Numbers of blocks can be added to increase the heat exchanger area
* Good resistance againt thermcal shocks

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Working Principle

 The heat transfer graphite blocks are sealed via teflon O-ring or inflated PTFE. The pressure spring is installed on the  heat exchanger as a whole to serve as the automatic compensation mechanism for thermal expansion.    

Technical Parameter

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