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Product Introduction

The FSK type two stages water ring vacuum pump is a kind of anti-corrosion vacuum pump designed by J.H.EQUIPMENT, which can obtain 4-8Kpa ultimate pressure for the single-stage pump and 2-4KPa for the two-stage pump. 

It adopts the reinforced glass fiber as the basic material of the pump body, which is formed in high temperature and pressure mould.  It is mainly used to pump air and other gases which is corrosive and has a small amount of dust, in the technical processes of vacuum evaporation, concentration, feeding, dehydration, drying and so on in chemical reactors, laboratory analysis, distillation columns, evaporative coolers, steam condenser evacuation systems etc.

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Product Advantages

* Specially designed to pump corrosive gas
Can avoid explosion when it's used to pump explosive and flammable gases because there is no temperature difference during the compression process.
* Compact structure, reliable to use and convenient to assemble and disassemble
* One moving part, no metal-to-metal contact in the compression chamber, no internal lubrication required.

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Working Principle

The liquid ring vacuum pumps are used to pull air out of low pressure vessels so that the vessel pressure drops below atmospheric pressure value and vacuum conditions are created.
The major construction difference between liquid ring vacuum pumps and other pumps is that its impeller is off-set from the center of the pump. Consequently, the blades on the top of the pump are closer to the outside wall than those located at the side of the pump and those located at the bottom of the pump. The compression is performed by the liquid ring as a result of this relative eccentricity.

The eccentricity leads to partial filling and then partial emptying of each rotar chamber during a revolution. This partial filling and emptying action leads to a piston action within each set of rotor or impeller blades. Pump parts are assembled in such a way so as to allow gas in when the rotor chamber is emptying of liquid and discharge gas once the compression has been completed. 

Technical Parameter

Model  Suction Capacity (m3/min) Max. Ultimate Vacuum (MPa) Motor Power (KW) Rotating Speed (rpm) Inlet Size (mm) Outlet Size (mm)
FSK-1 1 -0.09 3 1440 40 40
FSK-1.5 1.5 -0.09 4 1440 70 70
FSK-2 2 -0.093 4 1440 70 70
FSK-3 3 -0.093 5.5 1440 70 70
FSK-4 4 -0.093 7.5 1440 70 70
FSK-6 6 -0.093 11 1440 80 80
FSK-8 8 -0.093 15 1460 80 80
FSK-10 10 -0.093 18.5 1460 80 80
FSK-12 12 -0.093 18.5 1460 80 80
FSK-15 12 -0.093 22 1460 80 80


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