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Product Introduction

Reactor is a kind of atmospheric pressure or pressure vessel that is applied to chemical, petroleum, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine, food and other industries. Its used to complete the process of vulcanization, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation etc. The materials can be glass-lined carbon steel, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, zirconium, nickel based alloy and other composite materials. J.H. Equipment mainly adopt SS304, SS316L and SS321 to produce stainless steel reactors.

【Agitator Types】: More than 100 different kinds optional
【Application Industries】: Applicable for the dispersing and mixing of chemical, biological, lubricating oil, all kinds of resin and derivative products industries.
【Application Mediums】: Viscosity under 500,000 cps, solid content under 60%, various paste and liquid materials such as resin, adhesive, pesticide and biology, etc.
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Product Advantages

* All-in-one Design with Heating, Cooling, Dust Collecting and Condensing
J.H. Equipment has many years experience of reactor application and capable of realizing the functions of heating, cooling, thermal insulation, mixing, duct collecting and condensing within one reactor, meet the requirement of high integration, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost.

* Diverse Structure
J.H. reactors, according to structure, can be divided into: open flat cover type, open flange type and closed type.
According to pressure, can be divided into: atmospheric pressure type, negative pressure type, positive pressure type, positive and negative pressure type
According to heating cooling mode, can be divided into: jacketed type, coil pipe type, outer jacket and inner coil pipe type, inner and outer coil pipe type
The agitator type is diverse, according to the materials feature
J.H. Equipment also make small stainless steel reactors for laboratory use, please contact us for more information.

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Working Principle

The agitator rotates towards a fixed direction driven by the power unit. During the rotation, it drives materials to rotate radially or axially. Materials inside the reactor are in both axial and circular motion, generating several forms of mixing such as shearing, mixing and diffusion stirring. Thus the materials can be effectively rapidly stirred and mixed.

Heating or cooling liquids will be pumped into reactor jacket as the heating or cooling source. The purpose of heating and cooling is to provide suitable temperature for production, to fulfill reacting requirement. Furthermore, cooling is used for decreasing the temperature so to pack finished materials.

According to the reacting conditions, sometimes needs suitable pressure ( either positive, negative or ATM) to meet the requirement, and inert gas for protection.
Condensing unit (distillation column, vertical or horizontal condenser, water separator etc) can be used with a vacuum system, the purpose is to collect/reflux solvents which volatilize because of heating. 

Heating system includes water heater, oil heater, boiler etc.
Cooling system includes water tank, cooling towers, chillers, etc.

Technical Parameter

Volume (L) Inside Vessel Dia. (mm) Jacket Dia. (mm) Motor (kw) AgitatingSpeed (r.p.m)
30 400 500 0.6 60-100
50 500 600 0.8 60-100
100 550 65 1.1 60-100
150 600 700 2.2 60-100
200 650 750 2.2 60-100
300 800 900 3 60-100
500 900 1000 3 60-100
800 1100 1200 4 60-100
1000 1200 1300 4 60-100
1500 1300 1400 4 60-100
2000 1400 1500 5.5 60-100
2500 1400 1500 7.5 60-100
3000 1400 1500 7.5 60-100
3500 1400 1500 7.5 60-100
4000 1500 1600 7.5 60-100
5000 1600 1700 7.5 60-100
6000 1800 1900 15 60-100
18000 2000 2100 15 60-100
32000 3000 3200 37 35-59


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