Service and Support

Our Advantages

Technical Concentration

J.H.EQUIPMENT devotes herself to the research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service of process equipment mainly for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We have a complete product chain including: reactors, heat exchangers, storage vessels, mixers, dispersers, dryers, pumps, heating/cooling equipment as well as a variety of accessories. We have a professional pre-sales team to recommend and choose the most suitable and economical equipment for our customers based on thorough mutual communication.

Technical Experience

In the long manufacturing practice, J.H. EQUIPMENT has gathered and trained a high-ability team of engineers with rich experience in the chmeical and pharmaceutical equipment and machinery. With advanced design concepts, robust design ideas, solid technical foundation and rich experience in design and manufacturing, our technician has successfully provided reasonable solution and plan for producers in food, medicine, paints, ink, resins, pigments, adhesives, pesticides, dying, oil field and other industries, and received high reputation from all our customers.

Technical Support

1) In the early stage of mutual communication, our rexperienced engineer team will introduce and recommend the most suitable equipment and machines for the clients. For customized products, we will make solutions according to customers requriement and solve the technical difficulities.
2) After two sides sign the contract, technical department will do general drawings for the ordered equipment in a short time to customers for confirmation. If any improvement is required, we will revise the drawings until the most reasonable design is confirmed mutually.
3) When the ordered equipment is ready, we will provide free test service in our afctory. We will introduce the function features, operation and maintenance etc in details to customers. We will also provide detailed operation instructions for customers to use the equipment easily. 
4) After the equipment arrived to the customers factory, we will keep in touch with the customers to give solution in time if necessary to ensure the smotth machine start-up. After the customers use the equipment, if any problem for customers, we will respond and solve it without delay. 

After-Sales Service

J.H.EQUIPMENT can prvoide you excellent after-sales service to our clients adhering to the aim of customers satisfaction. We guarantee:
1) We ensure one year warranty period from date of test-running or 18 months from date of shipment. We provide life-long service and provide technical support free of charge within or after warranty.
2) We provide 24-hour customer hot-line service. There are professional enginee5rs to answer customer's questions. We will response within 1 hour after receiving feedback from customers.
3) Professional technical serviceman will go to the site if the problem can not be solved over the phone call and they will not leave until the problems are solved.
4) Within the warranty period, we provide recall repair services for free (Excluding force majeure damage and artificial damage_. Afte the warranty period, we only charge cost of the required materials.
5) We have sufficient spare parts for replacement. All spare parts of J.H.EQUIPMENT will be available at market or our company in 10 years from the delivery of the equipment and machines. 
6) Equipment updating service. With continuous innovation and upgrading of products, if the performance of the machine you bought from us can not meet your requirement after years of service, we can provide upgrading service at charge of cost price only.
7) We will archive documents such as commercial documents, technical documents, ex-factory records, maintenance records, repair records etc of each equipment and machine in our system to provide better and faster service to every customer.