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Product Introduction

Based on vast experiences and advanced technology, J.H. Equipment has developed many kinds of valves specially for anti-corrosion circumstances.  We have glass lined flush valves, glass lined diaphragm valves, PTFE lined ball valves, stainless steel valves etc.  

The operating method can be manual and or pneumatic, it can be designed with multi-functions of temperature measurement, DCS control, explosive proof, cleaning port and switch feedback. 

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Product Advantages

* Specially designed and be competent under serious corrosive conditions
* Professional advices be provided to help you chooes the correct models
* Big variety of sizes are available to meet connetion of DIN or ASME code
* Most standard valves are in stock for rapid deliery and replacement
* Tailor-made service can be provided upon request

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Working Principle

For purpose of anti-corrosion, basic materials of the valves can be different due to its chemical and physical property. Mostly used are glass-lind steel, stainless steel and PTFE lined or coated steel. 

Technical Parameter

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