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Product Introduction

The J.H. glass lined wiped film evaporator is designed to continuously separate volatile compounds by introducing mechanically agitated, thin film of feed material to a heated surface. The shore residence time allows for efficient and reliable processing of a wide variety of high-boiling, heat sensitive and/or viscous products.

【Production Capacity】: 0.5-8m2
【Application Industries】: Chemical, polymers & resins, pharmaceuticals, food etc.
【Application Mediums】: Hard-to handle, heat sensitive and viscous materials, which maybe strong acidic corrosive. 
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Product Advantages

* Evaporation realized in high vacuum and comparatively low temperature. Material is not easy to decompose and a high out-put rate can be reached
* Bigger evaporation area and high efficiency.
* Excellent anti-corrosion property because of glass-lining.

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Working Principle

Drive motor and distributor separator assembly, feed enters at the top through the feed inlet nozzle. Rotating distributor plate disperses the feed evenly at the top of the heated shell.
Slotted wiper blades spread, agitate and move the feed down and off the heated shell in seconds.
Heat transfer under vacuum conditions, introduced by a heated jacket surrounding the shell, causes volatile compounds to evaporate reduced temperatures.
Vapor passes through the rotating environment separator and condenses on the internal condenser and flows out of the distillate nozzle.
Entrained droplets, impinging on the entrainment separator, are thrown back to the heated shell by centrifugal force.
The remaining bottoms stream exists the bottom outlet nozzle. For viscous bottoms, optional extruder blades mechanically force in the bottoms s tream out of the evaporator.

Technical Parameter

Evaporation Area (m2) O.D. (mm) Height of Support (mm) Total Height (mm) Motor (KW) I.D. (mm)
0.5 426 620 1795 0.75 310
1 512 920 2500 1.1 400
1.5 612 1135 2800 2.2 500
2 712 1330 3350 3.0 600
3 712 1660 3680 4.0 600
4 912 1750 4163 5.5 800
5 916 2110 4573 7.5 800
6 1116 2080 4565 7.5 1000
7 1116 2400 4885 7.5 1000
8 1216 2515 5150 7.5 1100


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