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Product Introduction

This glass distillation unit can be installed easily over glass lined reactor. It consists of glass distillation columns, glass pipes and fittings, glass shell and tube condenser, glass coil condenser as well as receivers.

【Production Capacity】: Max.GLR Volume: 20,000L
【Application Industries】: Applicable for most acidic corrosive environment that existed in chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, pesticide, dyestuff industries etc.
【Application Mediums】: Heat sensitive mediums

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Product Advantages

The J.H. glass distillation unit can be easily assembled over glass lined reactor. The flanges are connected in perfect without leakage. Frame support can be made as polished SS304 or nickel coated carbon steel.

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Working Principle

Vapors from glass lined reactor during reaction will go through the glass distillation columns, glass pipes, main glass condenser and secondary glass condenser,  and final product was collected by glass receivers. 

Technical Parameter

GLR Volume (L)  Glass Column Dia. (mm) Glass Column Length (mm) Total Condensing Area (m2) Glass Receiver Volume (L)
500 80 1000 3 50
1000 100 1500 5 100
3000 150 2000 5 150
5000 200 2000 8 200
10000 260 2500 10 300


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