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Product Introduction

Mixing tank, which is used for liquid-liquid or liquid-powder blending and mixing, is a type of large scale production equipment and has the functions of dispersing, emulsifying, heating and cooling, to fulfill different production process requirement. It can be stably running for long time, has the advantages of small noise, simple operation and strong adaptability, is the ideal multi-functional equipment for mixing and dispersing.

【Production Capacity】: 5-50,000L
【Application Industries】: Used for dispersing and mixing in industries such as biological, pharmaceutical, food, paint, ink, adhesives, dyes, pesticides etc.
【Application Mediums】: Variety of paste-like materials with viscosity under 500,000 cps, solid content under 60%, such as latex, industrial paint, water-based ink, pesticides, adhesives, etc.

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Product Advantages

* High Mixing Efficiency & High Quality
J.H. Equipment has many years experience of mixing tank application, capable to choose the most suitable agitator and speed according to different materials feature and mixing requirement, thus the liquids will be mixed in cross and turbulent flow, and at the same in axial and radial motion, finally get uniformly mixed after a certain period of time.

* High-speed Dispersing and Emulsifying, Fulfill More Demonds, Cost-effective
Mixing tank can be equipped with 1-2 high speed disperser and emulsifier with the highest speed 2900 rpm( normally 1440rpm), velocity above 20m/s, which make sure the powder material can be uniformly dispersed into the liquids. The mixture will be finally dispersed uniformly and shows good suspension effect because of high-shearing force.

* Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
The agitator is fixed on the shaft via bolts, easy to remove and disassemble.

* Non-standard
Variety of models can be customized, for example, explosive proof model, vacuum model, scraper model, multi-function model, etc. The equipment can adopt SS316L or do spray coating treatment according to client s requirement.

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Working Principle

The agitator rotates towards a fixed direction driven by the power unit. During the rotation, it drives materials to rotate radially or axially. Materials inside the reactor are in both axial and circular motion, generating several forms of mixing such as shearing, mixing and diffusion stirring. Thus the materials can be effectively rapidly stirred and mixed.

Dispersing disc rotates in high speed, generating annular flow, resulting in strong vortex, thus the materials spirally down to the bottom. Strong shearing and friction force between particles get the mixture rapidly dispersed and dissolved. The circular motion of the stirring disc generates good radial effect, accelerating material circulator, improve the dispersing efficiency.

Precision-engineered stator and rotor match with each other perfectly. High-speed motor drives the rotor to rotate, which generates vacuum condition between the stator and rotor. So materials as sucked into the chamber from the top of the stator & rotor and also from the bottom. Rotor driven by the strong kinetic energy creates high linear speed, which puts the materials under comprehensive action of strong crushing, tearing, centrifugal extrusion, hydraulic friction etc between the precision-engineered gap of the stator and rotor.

After processed, the materials are flying out and generate strong turbulence under the action of forces from different direction. Stable emulsion is obtained after repeated disaggregation, dispersion, homogenization, shearing for a certain period with help of mature production technology and certain quantity emulsifier.

Technical Parameter

Vessel Volume (L) Dimension (mm) Total Height (mm) Inlet & Outlet (mm) Motor Power (kw) Agitating Speed (r/min)
500 840x1000 2750 38 1.5 From low speed 63rpm, 85 rpm, 130 rpm up to 1440rpm as per request based on a big variety of agitators.
600 920x1000 2850 38 1.5
700 990x1000 2850 38 2.2
800 950x1220 3000 38 2.2
900 1010x1220 3000 38 3
1000 1060x1220 3150 51 4
1500 1160x1500 3350 51 4
2000 1340x1500 3410 51 4
3000 1410x2000 4000 51 5.5
4000 1620x2000 4250 51 7.5
5000 1810x2000 4300 51 7.5
6000 1980x2000 4550 51 7.5
7000 1930x2440 5000 51 7.5
8000 2060x2440 5000 51 11
9000 2180x2440 5050 51 11
10000 2300x2440 5050 51 11
12000 2270x3000 5600 51 11
15000 2530x3000 5700 51 15
20000 2640x3660 6400 51 15


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