Cosmetics: materials used for human body to beautify, retention, or change a person's appearance, or materials to purify, dyeing, wipe, correction or protect the skin, hair, nails, eyes, or teeth.

Cosmetic Classification: 

Classified by effect: Cosmetics mainly divides into clean type, skin care type, basic type, beauty type and curative type. 

Classified by application: Cosmetics mainly consists of skin cosmetics, hair cosmetics, beauty cosmetics, etc.

Classified by dosage form: Cosmetics mainly divided into liquid forms, emulsion, cream, powder type, block type, and oil type, etc.. 

J.H.Equipment pays attention on the research and development of safety and healthy cosmetics provides high skilled equipment and contract service for the food additive industry, products comply with GMP requirements. Varieties include high-grade medicinal ointment, cream, emulsion, etc..

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