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Dyes, used to color fiber or other materials, are divided into two kinds--natural dyes and synthetic dyes, including reactive dyes, vat dyes, sulfur dyes, phthalocyanine dyes, oxidation dyes, condensation dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes etc.

Pigment is a powder materials with colorablity and covering capacity, which cannot be dissolved but suspended in water, grease, resin, organic solvent and etc mediums. 

Pigment is grouped in inorganic pigment and organic pigment. Inorganic pigments are divided into oxide, chromate, sulfate, silicate, borate, molybdate, phosphate, vanadate, iron cyanates , hydroxide, sulfide, metal, etc. And organic pigment are divided into azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, anthraquinone pigments, indigo pigments, Quinacridone pigments, Polycyclic Pigments such as oxazine-,Fang methane pigments etc according to their chemical construction. 

J.H. Equipment has rich experience to make various glass lined equipment as well as high shear emulsifiers and dispersers for the production of dyes and pigment.

Glass lined reactor: Superior anti-corrosion property, no sticky and easy clean, normal pressure or have pressure up to 0.6MPa, various types of agitating system optional as per requirement. Glass lined storage vessels and condensers can be provided as a whole set.

Disperser: For pre-dispersing pigments. Various kinds and specification are optional including Disperser with scraper, Vacuum type Disperser, Dual-shaft Disperser with Butterfly agitator, Platform type Disperser etc. are available to meet various dispersing, mixing requirements.

High-shear Emulsifierthe dispersion, homogeneous, emulsification, refinement of pesticide, according to the form, is divided into two type: batch type and inline type; according to the production process, can be divided into rapid flow emulsifier, up-spray type emulsifier, high shear emulsifier, solid-liquid mixing emulsifier etc.; the emulsifier can design in a variety of ways like vacuumize, heating according to the requirements of process.

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