Pesticides is a common name of one kind of drug that can kill insect, sterilize and kill harmful animals(or weeds) for protecting and enhancing the growth of the plants and corps . It particularly refers to medicine for preventing pests, regulating plants growth and weeding in agriculture. Pesticides can be chemical, biological(such as viruses or bacteria), fungicide, anti-infective agents, or any means to fight pests. 

Pesticide categories: 

Classified by raw material sources, pesticides mainly divided into organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, plant pesticides, and

microbial pesticides. 

Classified by the processing agent, pesticides can be divided into powder, wettable powder, soluble powder, cream, butter, concentrated emulsion, cream, paste, gel agent, smoke agent, fumigants, smoke agent, oil agent, granulation and particles, etc. 

Classified by the control object, pesticides can be divided into insecticides, fungicides,acaricides, nematicides, rodenticide, herbicides,defoliants etc..

J.H. Equipment has rich experience to make various glass lined equipment as well as high shear emulsifier for the production of pesticides.

Glass lined reactor: Superior anti-corrosion property, no sticky and easy clean, normal pressure or have pressure up to 0.6MPa, various types of agitating system optional as per requirement. Glass lined storage vessels and condensers can be provided as a whole set.

High-shear Emulsifierthe dispersion, homogeneous, emulsification, refinement of pesticide, according to the form, is divided into two type: batch type and inline type; according to the production process, can be divided into rapid flow emulsifier, up-spray type emulsifier, high shear emulsifier, solid-liquid mixing emulsifier etc.; the emulsifier can design in a variety of ways like vacuumize, heating according to the requirements of process.

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