Printing ink is an important material used for printing, and it presents the pattern and text on the substrates by printing . Inks consist of main components and auxiliary components. Through even mixing and repeated rolling, it comes a viscosity slurry. It consisted of pigments, binders, additives and solvents etc. It is widely used for various kinds of printing such as books, newspapers, packaging bags, building decoration materials etc.

Printing ink categories

According to printing plate type, it mainly can be divided into flexographic ink, offset ink, gravure ink, screen printing ink etc.

According to the solvents used, it can be divided into water-based ink, UV curing ink, water-based UV ink

J.H. Equipment design and make mixing tanks, dispersers and storage tanks for the ink industry. The dispersers are used for pre-dispersing paint and making paste for the emulsion paint. Various kinds and specification are optional are available to meet various dispersing, mixing requirements. Stainless Steel mixing tanks with a variety types of agitators can be provided according to the requirements of clients.

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